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3 Common Programming Mistakes

No matter how often you program, or how long you’ve been programming for, every programmer I know tends to make the same common programming mistakes. They are the simple little things that you either assume you’ve done or you just don’t notice at the time. In this post I’m going to attempt to identify some of the ones that get me every time.  Continue reading 3 Common Programming Mistakes

I’m Back plus Update

Well it’s been a while since I’ve last posted on Josh is a Web Dev, over a year it would seem, and since then a lot has happened. I’ve gotten a “real job” for an amazing company, Gift Digital. Whilst they don’t use WordPress, which is where I saw my path heading, they have grown and developed me as a programmer. I still do a bit of WordPress here and there for them, but my main goals are the more “hardcore” programming of their products. Continue reading I’m Back plus Update

WordPress eCommerce; is it viable?

I am often asked “WordPress is a blog thingy, right, but I want to sell stuff what can you do for me there?” Simply put; WordPress may have been initially developed to be a blog platform, but it now shines as a website CMS and as an eCommerce platform. WordPress eCommerce is made really simple with plugins such as WooCommerce by WooThemes. With this post I will explain why it’s viable and next week I’ll write a guide on how to configure WooCommerce. Continue reading WordPress eCommerce; is it viable?

Creating websites for “mates rates”

I am often asked by my friends and family to do websites for them. Naturally as they know me personally they expect “mates rates” ie done at half the cost at the most. I am often unsure on what to do in this situation, because obviously I value them and do want to do it for them at a cheaper rate. However it’s still going to take me the same amount of time to do it and it often takes longer because they feel like they can have a greater input and make larger changes because they are familiar with you. Continue reading Creating websites for “mates rates”

WordPress 2014 Survey plus The Virgin Post

Scroll down for information on my thoughts on the WordPress 2014 Survey because firstly I’m going to wax lyrical about having my own blog, finally.

Well I’ve been sitting on this idea for almost 2 years now and I decided I might as well pick it up seeing as I paid the domain renewal fee’s. Continue reading WordPress 2014 Survey plus The Virgin Post